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The Farm Store

Not only will you find our beef here at Easton Station Farms, you'll also find a variety of other locally grown products throughout the year! Local eggs, honey products, maple syrup, goat milk products and fresh flowers to name a few. If you are like us and care about the environment, you’ll appreciate the fact that all of these products are locally sourced and responsibly farmed, while still sold at competitive prices. Come by to check out all these great products for yourself!

Easton Station Farms Beef

Stop in to purchase our lean, nutritious and delicious beef! We have ground beef, steaks, roasts, patties and more! All local from our farm to your table!
This type of beef is not common in grocery stores, so you’ll have a great beef-eating experience! You’ll know where your beef comes from and can taste the difference!

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K & L Hollow Farms Pork

K & L Hollow Farm raise and sell forest raised Mulefoot pork.  The American Mulefoot is a rare breed pig that produces an incredibly flavorful and succulent deep red meat. They are raised in the forest right in Cambridge, NY, where they forage on a variety of nuts, seeds, and acorns that adds a unique flavor to the pork. Stop by and try their pork roasts, chops, ham steaks and large variety of sausages today!

Ives Hill Honey

Ives Hill Honey is located in Southern Washington County. They are a small family owned and operated apiary producing raw clover and wildflower honey products. The main goals are to support the honey bee population as organically as possible while teaching their children the important role the bees play in our ecosystem. 


Marchaland Acres Maple Syrup

Marchaland Acres is family operated out of Valley Falls with roots in Easton. What started out as a family hobby and has quickly grown into something that they would like to share with their community. They have 5 children who like to help out whether its running lines, tapping trees, collecting sap, bringing in firewood or helping with the bottling. They enjoy working together to bring you a delicious product that is all natural and organic.


Wind Valley Farmstead

Wind Valley Farmstead is a goat farm located in Salem NY just before the Vermont border. They established their farm in 2008 as a hobby farm with lots of small animals (goats, ducks, mini horses, sheep, chickens, bunnies- pretty much anything a 3 year old NEEDED to have that loved animals ), In 2018 their oldest daughter had grown up & got serious about farming and had a goal of her own! Her focus is on registered Nigerian dwarf and Boar goat breeds to raise & show in competitions , She breeds her own herd, raise’s her kids on a special diet & training program and gives them all she has daily. In 2019 they decided to add a goat milk products line, all homemade chemical free, which they sell in their on-farm store and other local shops!

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