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Our Cattle

Quality. Efficient. Docile

Animals for purchase subject to availability 

Purebred Blonde d'Aquitaine Cattle

Blonde d’Aqutaine, which originated in France have been bred by European’s since the 6th century. Blonde cattle are known for the docile temperament, calving ease, remarkable length and highly developed hind quarter and loin which produce a higher percentage of the more valuable steak and roast cuts. Nicknamed “The Gentle Giant,” our animals are handled from a young age making them very easy to work with. Blondes are known for efficient production of lean red meat as well as superior feed efficiency and a low fat to lean ratio. We sell heifers and bulls based on availability.


Crossbred Females

You will notice increased calf growth rate and Blonde conformation; length of body; well developed muscling, finer bone structure, and reduced external fat cover, on the first cross.

Our beef are grown responsibly and naturally, so you can be sure you are buying the best quality.



Preconditioned heifers & steers. Subject to availability with varying pedigrees. Would make great project calves or fill the freezer next year. Docile and easy to work with.
Contact us to schedule an appt to view!

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